Using Data to Move Towards Equitable Care for All

Equitable care is one of the six domains of quality and the COVID-19 pandemic has shown a divide between what we know to be good care and what people actually receive. You will hear about the vital socio-demographic data agencies are gathering as a critical measure to assist with making informed decisions about how to provide equitable care.

B2-1: If not Now, When?   Using Data to move towards Equitable Care & Actions for Change

Position Paper – Collecting Race Based Data:

Presenter: Angela Robertson | Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre

B1-2: Understanding and Delivering Equitable Care: Collection of Sociodemographic Data in Ontario

This presentation will give an overview of how Ontario Health and the Centre of Excellence propose to use sociodemographic data across Ontario to understand and inform the delivery of health care across the province. It will also explore how and when organizations should collect client information including race-based data, what to consider when asking clients about their demographic characteristics, the value in collecting this type of data and how the data can inform care and planning at the organizational and provincial levels. The presentation will also touch on the plans for sociodemographic data collection in the MHA sector.

Presenter: Maria Papadimitrous | Ontario Health

Powerpoint: B2-2 – Maria Papadimitrous – Ontario Health – Understanding Equitable Care