Sustainability Panel

Agencies and coaches who have participated in E-QIP Project Coaching share challenges and barriers when working towards successfully sustaining quality improvement gains in their services and/or client/staff experiences. This panel provides participants with the opportunity to ask presenters and coaches questions on sustainability.

Powerpoint:  230pm-330pm – Sustainability Panel – Chris Babcock and Alice Strachan

Moderator:  Laura Daly-Trottier, E-QIP, CMHA Ontario

Sustaining Change: A Brief Review of Two QI Projects from CMHA Elgin Middlesex

This presentation will review two of CMHA Elgin Middlesex’s quality improvement projects;  Improving Access to Case Management Services and Improving Employee Leadership Trust.  A brief background and the results for each project will be shared followed by a discussion on challenges, barriers and/or enablers.

Panelist: Chris Babcock, CMHA Elgin-Middlesex

Sustainability: How To Keep All Those Great Improvements You Made

Generating improvement through your quality improvement work is so exciting. Seeing things get better and watching your data show improvement is a real rush. Why then do we sometimes feel like we are right back where we started a few months later? Sustainability is the key and this session will help you to see how it can be and should be woven throughout your QI projects.

Panelist: Alice Strachan, Ontario Health