Client-Centered Care Report Backs

Report Backs from CMHA Halton Region, CMHA Kenora, CMHA Windsor-Essex, Shepherds of Good Hope and Choices for Change

Implementing the OPOC Survey | CMHA Halton Region
CMHA Halton Region OPOC implantation process and testing

Powerpoint: A3-1 – CMHA Halton – Jennifer VanLinthout & Team – Implementing the OPOC Survey – Jennifer Van Linthout

Increasing Awareness of CMHA Kenora’s Complaint Process | CMHA Kenora
CMHA Kenora is aiming to improve client comfort with making a formal complaint to the organization. They are using data from their OPOC MHA as well as some creative Change Ideas to address this identified problem.

Powerpoint: A3-2 – CMHA Kenora – Michelle Andy – Increasing Awareness of CMHA Kenoras Complaint Process

Standardizing Client Management System | CMHA Windsor-Essex
CMHA Windsor Essex County Branch is looking to increase clients’ understanding of their treatment services and support plan by creating standard tools for case management.

Powerpoint: A3-3 – CMHA Windsor-Essex – Leanne & Team – Standardizing Client Management System

Improving the Mental Health and Social Access for Tenants at Hope Living | Shepherds of Good Hope
Shepherds of Good Hope have taken a unique approach to addressing the need to increase social connections for their residents. COVID-19 has negatively impacted the residents at Hope Living. This project aims to improve resident’s overall mental health through testing creative Change Ideas.

Powerpoint: A3-4 – Shepherds of Good Hope – Phil Notwotny & Shaddai Charles – Improving the Mental Health and Social Access for Tenants at Hope Living

Reducing the Number of Client Drop-Outs / No-Shows | Choices for Change
The focus of Choices for Change’s EQIP project was to explore our file closures due to “drop-out/no show” to identify possible changes to our service delivery options, with the hopes of better supporting the diversity and complexity of needs our clients are currently identifying.

Powerpoint: A3-5 Choices for Chagne – Holly Smith – Reducing the Number of Client Drop Outs – No Shows