Exhibitor Staff
Linda Saunders
Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario
E-QIP Quality Improvement Coach

OCAN Quality Improvement Network

The latest development of Quality Improvement work in the Community Mental Health and Addiction Sector is the province-wide Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN) Quality Improvement Network through the Excellence through Quality Improvement Project (E-QIP). The Network was formed from the OCAN Think Tank event in 2018 and brings together stakeholders to work on a Quality Improvement (QI) project.

The Network represents eleven community-based organizations across the province using the Model for Improvement and Experience-Based Co-Design (a QI tool) to actively engage service users and staff in the QI process. Our goal is to share our collective learning following the testing of change ideas to improve the use of OCAN's in recovery-oriented practice and planning. Participants will share/discuss their own experiences and apply learning.

Helpful Resources

OCAN Data in Quality Improvement_Dec2020_Final

PP_Quality Improvement Network_10-2020