Exhibitor Staff
Rossana Coriandoli
CAMH, working with CCIM and E-QIP
Knowledge Broker, Provincial System Support Program

OCAN Community of Interest

The Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN) is the evidenced-based, standardized assessment for the community mental health sector. OCAN promotes a consumer/client driven approach with the inclusion of a self-assessment. The tool supports conversations with consumers about their strengths, needs, and actions to address their unmet needs.

The OCAN Community of Interest is co-led by Canadian Mental Health Association, Peel, and Community Care Information Management (CCIM) with the support of EENet.

Helpful Resources

OCAN Community of Interest webpage: https://www.eenet.ca/initiative/ontario-common-assessment-need-community-interest

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OCAN QI Network_Oct2020

Standardized Tools Webinar Series:

Webinar 1: Using the OCAN in quality improvement and an overview of the interRAI Child and Youth suite of assessment instruments

Webinar 2: Using the GAIN Q3 to support access to the right care and using OPOC-MHA data to inform QI activities

Webinar 3: Use of recovery model to support staff & client engagement & use of OCAN data to support system planning & improvement