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Penny Gagnon
Chief Advisor

CARF Canada

Join the thousands of quality-focused health and human services organizations that have benefited from CARF’s consultative, peer-review process. Recognized by a wide range of funders, CARF’s non-prescriptive, person-centred approach has been an excellent choice for providers since 1966. CARF develops and maintains field-driven, international consensus standards for Aging Services, Behavioural Health, Child Youth Services, Employment Community Services, Networks, Medical Rehabilitation and Vision Rehabilitation.

Please visit www.carf.org/Canada for more information. To set up a meeting, register for an introductory webinar, or to request a virtual tailored workshop for your team, email pgagnon@carf.org or call (888) 281-6531 ext. 2199

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Website:  http://www.carf.org/home/

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